Best Android Phones 2021

Statistics of retailers all over the world show that not only premium models and ultra-budget gadgets are popular among consumers, but also devices from the middle price segment (for example, iPhone XR or Galaxy Note 10 Lite from Samsung).

Samsung Has Overtaken Apple in the Ranking of the Largest Manufacturers of Smartphones 2021

The first version of HarmonyOS was used in smart TVs and gadget accessories. It was presented in August 2019. Then the company predicted that by the end of 2021 the number of devices equipped with this system will reach 300 million.

With the release of HarmonyOS 2.0, Android applications that previously ran on the EMUI 11 shell will also be available on the new operating system. In addition, the new OS has its own exclusive programs. Also, the Chinese OS offers a greater variety of gestures than Android, as well as samsung oven.

Samsung and Apple Best Android Phones

Xiaomi became the second seller of smartphones according to the report for the second quarter of this year. According to the report from the research company, the top three were:

  1. Samsung – 19% of the world market;
  2. Xiaomi – 17% of the world market;
  3. Apple – 14% of the world market;
  4. BBK Oppo and Vivo (10% of the world market) close the top five suppliers.

It is worth noting that by 2020, in 2021, Xiaomi has delivered 83% more mobile phones. Samsung, for its part, by 15%, and Apple by only 1%. The Chinese company continues to target the mass market, which means that its average sales price is 40% lower than Samsung’s and 75% lower than Apple’s, respectively.

Which smartphone models can boast the highest sales figures?

  1. iPhone 11.

The base model from the eleventh line of Apple almost immediately after its release became a favorite of the public. Thanks to high technical characteristics, the novelty of 2019 occupies one of the leading places in the ranking of the best smartphones of the last decade.

  1. iPhone XR.

iPhone XR 2018 also does not lose relevance. It has a democratic price – the most budget smartphone of the 10th generation Apple and stylish design – a large selection of color solutions, frameless display, and a neat body.

  1. Samsung Galaxy A51.

Introduced in the business series A, the Samsung Galaxy A51 mobile phone is currently one of the most popular gadgets all over the world. The smartphone boasts a perfect balance of price and quality.

  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro is a budget gadget that can compete with flagship smartphones thanks to powerful hardware. It attracts people not only by a surprisingly low price but also by other advantages:

  • quad-camera (64 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP);
  • large and bright display;
  • a large amount of memory and the ability to expand storage with a microSD card;
  • high indicators of autonomy and the possibility of fast charging.


  1. Huawei P30 Pro.

Announced in 2019, the flagship smartphone Huawei P30 Pro is also in demand. It is characterized by high reliability and can work autonomously for a long time thanks to the 4200 mAh battery. Wireless and accelerated charging is also available for the smartphone. The main camera of the model is perfect for amateur and professional mobile shooting. In addition to the above models, users are happy to buy other gadgets from different price segments.