Here's a quick guide for understanding how encryption works and how you can use it in your own business

Most people store all kinds of sensitive information on their personal computers, smartphone, or cloud. Power users typically set up a password or biometric authentication, or even a combination of both account protections. Such security measures are correct; however, they may not be enough in case of loss or theft of devices. To be sure that your data does not get to unauthorized persons, use encryption.

Encryption Is a Reliable Way to Protect Data

Every day we hear more and more about privacy, data protection, and encryption. Users are concerned about the security of instant messengers and social networks; government agencies are concerned about the impossibility of hacking information about intruders. There are ongoing negotiations between messengers and the government. Sometimes it comes to a real war. Someone did not give encryption keys to someone and refused to open access to users' correspondence. Then someone was offended, and the messenger was blocked on the territory of the whole country.

Encryption is a technical process in which information is converted into a secret code, thus hiding the data that you send, receive or store. In fact, such an algorithm for encoding data is used so that only the receiving party, which has the decryption key, can decrypt it. A decrypted message contained in an unencrypted file is called plaintext, while an encrypted message is called ciphertext.

While data is still a good option for encryption, the fact that only one key is responsible for protection means that its delivery over insecure networks presents some risk. Think about how you would like to hide your front door key under your doormat to share with a friend. Your friend has gained access to your residence. But then there is a danger that someone else can find the key and enter without your knowledge.

Encryption uses two scenarios for incoming and outgoing data in data centers:

  • Client-server communication.
  • Move data between data centers.
  • The Best Way to Use Encryption for Your Business

    The use of cloud storage has become so common primarily because of the ease of access to files – if you have an Internet connection, you can use the data you need wherever you are. However, for several years, cloud services have repeatedly experienced data breaches. Therefore, before uploading files to the cloud, they should be encrypted. Thus, without the decryption key, no one will be able to access your information.

    Prevent your company's sensitive data from being attacked by hackers and cybercriminals by augmenting your organization's security protocols with data room encryption. is among the best data room providers in Brazil. You no longer need to rummage through all the cabinets and filing cabinets in search of papers. You will actually have them all in one secure place on the internet that you can access from your smartphone or computer.

    In the event that all copies issued at the meeting were pre-labeled inside such a VDR with the marking option and printed individually for each meeting participant, it would be easy to determine who committed the crime by the leaked fragment. A fragment or photo of a compromised document is simply loaded into the system, and then, by comparing the markings, it determines to whom this particular copy was issued.