Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet Review

Tablets are not as popular as smartphones, but in some situations, the technique is more appropriate. The tablet is useful in the work of a designer, more convenient than a phone for the elderly, and suitable for children. Depending on the tasks performed, the characteristics of the device will change. Take a look at amazon kids tablet in the article below.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet as the Best Option for Kids

When choosing a tablet for a child, you need to focus on age – the younger the child, the easier it should be functional. Look for a device with a built-in parental control program, this will help limit use at the wrong time.

It is desirable that the screen supports eye protection technology or at least minimizes the blue glow. It is more practical if the case will be protected from contact with moisture and blows. A large and heavy gadget will be uncomfortable for a child to hold. Therefore, the optimal weight – up to 300 grams, and the diagonal – no more than 8-10 inches.

The following points are important when choosing:

  1. The most important thing here is size. We recommend staying on models with a diagonal of 10 inches and above. Icons and text will be easy to read. Pay attention to the brightness. It is advisable to choose a solution with high brightness to use the gadget that was comfortable, even sitting in front of a window.
  2. Sound and microphone. Good speakers and a microphone will help you not to miss a call on Skype and communicate without discomfort.
  3. Keyboard connection. The transformer with the physical keyboard will be more convenient in use, than the gadget only with the touch panel.

Choose a Tablet to Have Fun with

The following parameters have values:

Screen diagonal and resolution. If you drive around the city a lot during working hours or often go on business trips, look for a compact model – with a diagonal of 8 inches. Solutions with a diagonal of 10 inches are more suitable for full-fledged work with graphics and drawings. Focus on screens with high resolution and pixel density – from 1920×1080 (Full HD).

The amount of memory. It requires 3-4 GB of RAM. If the volume of the built-in storage can be expanded, then the factory capacity is not important. You can even take 64 GB and then increase the memory using microSD. If you want to buy a tablet from Apple, choose a model with a minimum of 128 GB. The company produces devices with a fixed amount of memory that does not support the use of microSD.

Battery life. Autonomy of 7-8 hours is required for use regardless of the power supply network. And it is not provided by the battery capacity, so you do not need to focus on the number of mAh. Power consumption is affected by the processor and operating system. If we talk about the Android OS, it should be at least version 9, and it is better to buy a tablet with Android 10 or 11. In the case of Apple, iPadOS 14 and its later versions provide more energy-efficient work. The process is also responsible for the reduced power consumption of the processor. The lower it is, the longer the gadget will be able to work offline. The required minimum is a Wi-Fi module.